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# The Come - Back Newsletter

On December 1,2023, LPSN will launch # The Come - Back Newsletters. This far reaching editorial style outreach effort by Dan Dixon, Chief of Litigation, will challenge all those that read it to become better individuals. This is especially important for the incarcerated population who are often forgotten.

"Your come back begins when you make the decision to really change. This monumental choice will foster dynamic growth and propel your life in the right direction."

Dan Dixon, Chief of Litigation

At LPSN, we believe the come back an individual needs is well with¬in reach. Each month the newsletter will provide helpful strategies and tips on building back better.

"Everyone faces challenging obstacles at some point in their lives. Yet, the key to overcoming is to "build back better.'"

This thought provoking newsletter will be a transforming force for your incarcerated loved one. Call us today at 305-646-9931 or email, for more information.

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James Edwards, Jr., National Communications Director